Bcnu Collective Agreement Medical Leave

The UNCCO is attempting to impose a definitive contract offer for MoveUP members, which would reduce medical and family leave and not meet many of the core requirements of employees for a fair and reasonable collective agreement. The parties are divided on a number of issues, ranging from salaries to improving the treatment process for abuses. MoveUP represents approximately 75 office and administrative employees working for the UNC. The current collective agreement expired on December 31, 2015 and the parties have been negotiating an extension of the collective agreement since January 2016. BURNABY – The BC Nurses Union plans to lock up its administrative employees on Friday to force them to accept a contract that will attack their medical and medical leave. In order not to be forced to return to work under an unsustainable collective agreement, MoveUP members voted in favour of strike action and are now striking. “The BCNU has sought concessions and refused to negotiate a fair collective agreement with its employees who are members of MoveUP,” said David Black, President of MoveUP. “This is an employer that represents health care workers and they are trying to get their own employees access to medical appointments.” “Our employer is trying to force us to enter into a contract that would prevent many of us from going to necessary medical appointments,” said Leisa Smith, a MoveUP member and BCNU contributor. “Many of us have older children or parents who rely on us to take them to the doctor. It`s a really carefree step to take this from us.¬†“MoveUP will continue to do whatever is necessary to help our members ensure that they get fair business.¬†Black indicated that MoveUP had encouraged the employer to renegotiate or mediate.

Instead, UNCCO leaders opted for aggressive measures by threatening a lockout and imposing a final contractual offer. The Union bc Nurses refused mediation that would allow the parties to find a fair solution. “UNBCO leaders are using hypocritical tactics against their own employees, which they would fight if they were used against their nurses,” Black said. “Unfortunately, their actions force us to a strike vote on Friday.”