Hire-Purchase Agreement Between Manufacturer And Hirer

This agreement…………… Day of …………… between ABC, etc. (hereafter the owner, whose expression must include the successors and beneficiaries of the assignment, unless the context permits) of one party and the CD, etc. (hereafter referred to as the tenant) of the other party. The cost of a lease is the difference between the cash price of the leased goods and the full rental price. If the cash price of a car is 12,000 euros and the rental price is 17,000 euros, the rental purchase is 5,000 euros, i.e. the additional costs associated with renting the car (and perhaps at some point) instead of buying it directly in cash. AND CONSIDÉRANT that the company has agreed on the following terms, which have been agreed between the parties. K. The tenant agrees to pay the landlord all damage to the asset (except fair wear) and to pay the landlord the full value of the asset in the event of a total loss of assets, whether the damage or loss was caused accidentally or otherwise, and for whatever reason and to put the asset on its own risk until it acquires the asset or returns it to the owner; A consumer (the tenant) can terminate the contract at any time by communicating in writing to the owner of the merchandise (the financial home).

Consumers should be aware that breaking a lease before the normal end date is generally accompanied by penalties. They can either: leases can be entered into with banks, real estate credit companies, financial companies and certain retail stores, such as garages. The store or garage does not actually offer credit. It acts as an intermediary for a financial company and receives commissions from the financial company for the intermediation of the loan. 25. The tenant has the opportunity to acquire these machines and equipment, and the option is exercised by notifying the company one month in advance. The option to purchase may be exercised from the expiry date of the agreed deadline for this contract or from an earlier date. In the first case, the tenant is required to pay the company an amount equal to the rental price of the machines and equipment referred to in the point (3), reduced by the total amount of payments up to that date or the higher rupee. In the latter case, that is, if the option to purchase is exercised before the term of the contract expires, the tenant is required to pay an amount equal to the purchase price of the rent or the balance of the rent, payable in monthly increments of the rental costs up to the date of the agreed term of the contract, since it is reduced by a discount corresponding to two thirds of an amount corresponding to the rental costs. the same share as the balance of the rental sale price that has not been due until now applies to the purchase price of the lease. 6. If the tenant does not pay a monthly rental fee on the due date, the tenant is required to pay interest of …….

to pay. From the date of delay to payment per year. However, this applies without prejudice to the company`s right to terminate the contract due to a delay in payment of monthly payments, as provided below. d. will maintain and keep the goods in good condition and in good condition and will be kept at the expiry of…………… years or prior termination of this agreement, give the same to the landlord in the condition in which it was given on rent, appropriate wear, whatever except, and any loss or damage due to the rupture of Pilferage or other reasons will be repaired by the tenant at his own expense; If this third-party rule is violated by the owner, the consumer is allowed to terminate the contract and may demand a refund of all payments made.