Horse Boarding Agreement Georgia

If the horse or horses are sick or injured, CE STABLE will attempt to contact the owner immediately. If the owner of THIS STABLE does not immediately inform the action to be taken or if the animal`s state of health requires immediate action, THIS STABLE is entitled to seek the services of a veterinarian of his choice or to give any other attention that seems necessary. The owner must immediately bear all costs of all services. D. FEE SCHEDULE FOR BOARDING SERVICES THIS STABLE presents the owner with a royalty plan for seIGN transport prior to the signing of this agreement, which will be part of this agreement. F. BOARDED HORSE HEALTH WARRANTY Every horse, boarding must enter premises free of communicable diseases and must be effectively dewormed and vaccinated for tetanus, rabies, influenza, rhinoceros, potomac, vee, wee, strangles and west nile The following current documents must be submitted to CE STABLE by OWNER before the horse is registered at the PREMISEs of THIS STABLE: ٱ. Health Certificate ٱ Worming and Immunization Record ٱ Negative Coggins Test A. DEFINITIONIn terms “OWNER” refers to the owner, co-owner or tenant of the animals mandated under this agreement. The terms “HORSE (S)” and “ANIMAL (S) ” refer here to all species of horses as well as to the specific animals to which this agreement refers. The terms “BOARD” and “BOARDING” refer here to the determination of compensation for routine daily breeding, feeding and physical space for animals by a party that generally has no financial interest in animals. The term “RIDER” here refers to a person who rides a horse, treats it in another way or approaches a horse from the ground.

The term “me,” “ME” or “MY” here refers to the owner (N) and the owner or legal guardians of the owner if he is a minor. S. ADDITIONAL ACCORDS Additional agreements should be initiated individually by each party. J. VISITOR PERMISSION TO HANDLE HORSE (S) If someone other than the owner and/or family members request the Boarded Horse (s) from THIS STABLE, these parties must have a written authorization or other priorly agreed authorization for the removal, treatment or riding of certain on-board horses. Q. LEIN CONTRE BOARDED ANIMAL The owner grants this STABLE a property right against boarded Animal (s) for the value of all unpaid costs resulting from boarding and providing other animal services.