Monash Enterprise Agreement 2014

The university negotiates the terms of employment of a new agreement through a formal negotiation process between the university and its staff, through bargaining representatives. Negotiation representatives may include union representatives and individual agents who have requested to be involved in the process as part of the procedure for advertising workers` representation rights. For more information on enterprise agreements and negotiated procedures for companies, please visit the Fair Work Commission website. or download the Enterprise Bargaining fact sheet An enterprise contract is an agreement between employers and employees on the terms of employment. 36.3 Annual leave may be considered as a single uninterrupted period on a date agreed between the officer and the appropriate supervisor and may be granted up to twenty days before the date on which the right is created. If it is not possible to reach an agreement on the date of the leave, the officer may appeal pursuant to the following request: the minimum period of leave to be paid is one week. A minimum balance of 4 weeks of annual leave must be maintained to allow a request for payment. All payments made at the time of payment of the annual leave are not supernumerary and are not considered a service. Staff are advised to seek financial advice before requesting a leave of absence.

Any acceptance of an application for payment of annual leave must be recorded in a written agreement between the agent and the university. Click here to see the 2014 Academic and Professional Staff Agreement. 36.4 When an agent is responsible for the payment of the university instead of the annual leave credits incurred until the termination of the employment relationship, he is paid in the event of termination of employment, provided that it is the result of a dismissal due to the death of the agent, this payment is made to the estate of the agent. The payment is calculated for the entire annual leave for each year of service completed, plus a proportional amount for the current year of service, calculated on a daily basis. If a person is registered as a student at Monash University, a fixed-term contract employment may be considered an appropriate type of employment for a professional activity, and not as part of the description of another circumstance in the previous clauses 16.4.1-16.4.5, provided: Learn more about the framework of employment protection and the modification of the Monash University Agreement (Amiccade and Professional) 2019. 16.7 A casual agent is paid for a minimum of three hours for each engagement, except in the following circumstances: 16.6 A casual agent receives the regular salary plus an additional occasional charge of 25%: a) an employee receives an email if his vacation balance is greater than or equal to 20 days, but less than 25 days and again if the balance is 25 days or more , but less than 30 days. The purpose of these emails is to give officers that they are on the verge of reaching the maximum 30-day limit and that, to avoid this, the officer should negotiate a leave plan with his supervisor. When a vocational or vocational training program requires a person to be employed with recent practical or business experience to do a job, such a person may be hired for a specified period of up to two years.