Sign Visa Agreement

Israel`s KAN news network said the deal would be reached on Tuesday, noting that the UAE will be the first Arab nation to lift visa requirements for Israeli citizens. The visa waiver agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates means that citizens of both countries can enter each other`s countries without first having to suffer the anger over the visa application. But it will not enter into force until it has been ratified by both countries, a process that requires a vote in the Knesset. Perhaps the agreements signed by Belarus and the EU will open the doors to Belarusians in order to qualify for an ETIAS in the near future. Mr. Netanyahu used his speech to target lawmakers from the common list of predominantly Arab parties who announced they would oppose the deal. “You don`t want real peace. You want a mirage of peace in which Israel disintegrates and disappears,” he said. The documents were signed at a ceremony in Brussels, Belgium, by the following delegates from Belarus and the European Union: in accordance with the statements of representatives of the Belarusian government, the agreement is not expected to pose significant migration risks to the Eastern European nation. 80 MPs voted in favour of the agreement, including many members of the opposition.

Only 13 MPs – all on the common list of the Arab majority – voted against the agreement and criticized it as a plan to undermine the Palestinian people. Under the signed agreement, holder Belarusian passports have the option of applying for visas at embassies and visa centres in European Union countries. The United Arab Emirates and Thailand have signed a reciprocal visa waiver agreement. Among them, Emiratis, who hold diplomatic and special passports, can enter, leave and cross Thai territories without a visa. Following the welcome ceremony, four agreements were signed between the two countries on visa exemption, aviation, economic cooperation and investment protection. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel will sign an agreement for reciprocal visa waivers, local media reported on Monday. After the signing, Mr. Netanyahu met with Al Tayer, Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, Abdulla bin Touq Al Mari, Manuchin and Berkowitz. With regard to the visa facilitation agreement, Vladimir Makei expressed his expectations for the European Union to show its support for the temporary freeze on the cost of Schengen visas for Belarusians, at least until the full implementation of the agreement. EU officials expect the agreements to enter into force in June 2020.