Well Services Agreement

Operators may choose to cooperate to ensure a long-term commitment by a drilling equipment owner so that he or she can share a drilling rig over a specified period of time or for a number of wells to maximize the efficiency and flexibility of drilling operations. A longer-term contract is generally more attractive to a facility owner and lower rates may be offered, and there may also be savings on the cost per mobilization and demobilization well. 3.1 Well depth: Wells must be up to a depth of about – not exceeding the capacity of the facility. C.In in relation to the transactions contemplated by the UPA, the company has agreed to grant and/or provide nabors with a minimum volume of oil well services agreed upon and/or required by the company on the terms set out in this agreement. CONSIDERING that the contractor is involved in the drilling, completion or abandonment of these boreholes (at the operator`s request) and the request for drilling, completion or abandonment (at the operator`s request) of these wells, in accordance with the provisions set out in these provisions; The operator and contractor are expressly understood and it is agreed that the services provided by the contractor are provided on a “daywork” basis, as defined later; The contractor undertakes to make reasonable efforts to begin operations for drilling the well until the day of , 20 , or once the facility and crews are mounted. If the operator does not provide a good location to accept the contractor`s rig once the facility and crews are installed, the operator pays the contractor the rate of standby time from that date until the site is made available. Section 4.6 Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement and replaces all prior written agreements, agreements, communications and agreements, as well as all prior and simultaneous written agreements, agreements, communications and agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and this agreement, including the enterprise agreement of the company. This Agreement is not considered to be a restriction, obligation, guarantee, guarantee, agreement or obligation of a party with respect to interested parties or, therefore, other than those expressly stated in it or in a document to be provided here or under that document, and none is considered to be present or derived from the purpose of this Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this agreement and a field employment contract, a service order or contract, a work ticket, an invoice, a declaration, a declaration, a published tariff plan or any other type of written or oral memorandums between the operator and the contractor regarding the purpose of this agreement, the provisions of this agreement are monitored. Section 1.1 Covered Services. The services to be provided by Nabors subject to the minimum revenue requirement (as defined below) are hydraulic fracturing services (“Frac Services”) and drilling and drilling services (“drilling services”) and hedging services with Frac Services.