Florida Statute 83.56 Termination Of Rental Agreement

83.60 (2) but a default judgment for the removal of the tenant must be pronounced with a notice of ownership which must be issued immediately if the tenant does not comply with section 83.60 (2). This Subsection does not apply to the portion of rental subsidies received from a local, national or national government or a local, national or national government authority; However, the waiver occurs if legal action has not been taken within 45 days of the non-compliance. (b) Any tenant who wishes to defend himself against a recourse by the lessor to the possession of the unit for non-compliance with the rental contract or the relevant statutes must comply with Article 83.60, paragraph 2.  The Tribunal may not set a date for mediation or judicial proceedings unless the provisions of Article 83.60, paragraph 60, para. The court found that the tenants` threat to shoot down intruders was both a repeated breach of the lease and an incurable breach of the lease that warranted immediate termination of the lease.