Lso Referral Fee Agreement

With regard to the issue of transfer fees, the working group is looking at the level of transfer fees and whether they should be regulated, the lack of transparency and consumer awareness, often with regard to intermediation fees, and finally whether referral costs increase the problem of access to justice and deprive parties. at the trial of more money than usual. Finally, with regard to the issue of advertising, the working group examines issues of taste and professionalism, while recognizing that it is extremely difficult to measure or codify taste and that attempts to do so will inevitably lead to disagreements. The Law Society`s Advertising and Pricing Agreements Working Group is considering changes to advertising, referral fees, and possible pricing and other practices. Based on its review of thoughtful submissions received from individuals and legal organizations on these issues (including the Ontario Federation of Law Associations), the Committee felt that it would be beneficial to obtain more detailed information on advertising and pricing regimes in Ontario from a wide range of stakeholders, particularly in the field of personal injury. This information would provide additional context to facilitate the Committee`s consideration of the rules on transfer fees, success fees, and marketing and advertising issues. The above requirements and transparency measures do not apply to enforceable removal agreements entered into before or on April 27, 2017. On 28 February 22, 2019, further changes were made to the rules, paralegal Rules and By-Law 7, to prohibit the acceptance or payment of transfer fees to lawyers or paralegals providing legal services through civil society organisations (CSOs) such as charities or non-profit companies. For more information on transfer fee requirements, lawyers and specialized lawyers should read Rules 3.6-6.0 to 3.6-6.7 of the Rules and Rules 5.01 (14) to (20) of the Paralegal Rules. Assistance and Resources For any questions regarding the obligations of a lawyer or solicit attorney with respect to accepting or paying transfer fees, please contact the Law Society`s Practice Management Helpdesk….