The Four Agreements Breakdown

Unless we still have all these old agreements that are still pending. We have to fight and reject them. How can we dismantle these old agreements that have caused unnecessary suffering in our lives? How can we free ourselves from the old agreements? These first two chords free you from many of the bad arrangements that have disrupted your life. Finally, reckless words combined with severely offended people will inevitably bring drama. It takes consistent exercise and concentration to slow down and see who we are and who we are, how we show ourselves to others and to ourselves in life. As simple as they may seem, these four agreements are a lifelong work to be accomplished, with two steps back for the three steps forward. But even if it is imperfectly practiced, the effect is still nothing less than transformative. To do this, Ruiz proposes four new agreements that he can now conclude with himself: that`s all for this book! Don Miguel`s words are so simple and yet so powerful. I hope you have learned a lot about the origin of your old beliefs and rules and how to make new agreements to live better in the future.

His contributions among the first two can be summarized in bulk as follows: “Be aware of the agreements that dictate your reality and have the discipline to change it.” You could get a little more out of his letter, but not much. Unfortunately, his references to the finish do not go far beyond a well-made “Just do it”. Use this exercise to identify some steps you can take to remove some old arrangements that you are remembering. Don Miguel teaches us that so much unnecessary inner suffering and relationship breakdowns disappear when we stop torturing ourselves by letting our thoughts wander through our minds. Our egos are huge novelists who create stories that lock us into reductive belief systems, fears, loneliness and emptiness, an existence that makes us feel more in war than in peace. Making assumptions and taking things personally (agreements 2 and 3) go hand in hand and cause gossip, conflict and suffering. This first agreement invites us to be “irreproachable” by our words. That is the agreement on which all other agreements are based. Sticking to this agreement alone can change your life. If you like the job or task you do, you`re going to do your best without even trying. Your work will be effortless and you will provide much better performance.

This final agreement will help you increase the power of other agreements while freeing you from old patterns. Anything we accept as “as it is” is an agreement. But too many of these agreements harm us and others. Think, for example, of the teenager who is starving to adapt. Think of someone who stays in an unhappy relationship because that`s all they know. Although we know that most assumptions are unfounded, we still often give them the weight of complete agreements. That`s how everyone puts on a mask and starts living in a dream. We believe all these things and we live by all these rules that we have never been able to stop thinking about. Don Miguel calls all these beliefs and rules “agreements” because we had to agree, because these beliefs and rules were part of our dream. (But of course, the kids always agree, so it`s not your fault.) “The next three agreements were really born from the first agreement. The second agreement is not to take anything in person. The secret to deciphering your journey to personal freedom is wrapped in a dream, locked in our minds, in unconscious stories and agreements made early in our lives – the central conviction behind the Four Accords…