Ucla Vendor Agreement List

Request a new service contract or an amendment to an existing contract using the following procedure: The business accounting provider`s self-service site allows suppliers to check the status of their invoices, track the status of payments, and validate order numbers. It also provides contact information to allow suppliers to pay invoices that are pending or have an incomplete (I) status. In addition to the use of templates, there may be other relevant guidance considerations that apply to BC agreements. Templates are just a step in several steps to ensure a solid agreement. The Vendor Agreements List provides a sortable and searchable index of items for which academic contracts have been negotiated and established. Unit BC reviews and manages agreements that generate net revenue for UCLA on behalf of the Regents of the University of California (UC Regents). Resources for providers currently dealing with UCLA are listed below. NOTE: If your agreement is not considered a business contract, BC will cooperate with the corresponding services to transfer the request. Authorized Suppliers Your advertising order to a UCLA approved supplier must be published in BruinBuy. You don`t need to go through the campus purchasing department. Our 60,000-000-000-000-in-members invite small and large suppliers to provide us with the best goods and services you have to offer.

Click the contract number of the selected vendor to verify the contract details, including contact information for the vendor and the UCLA buyer responsible for the agreement. University of California SS Agreement and Terms and Conditions Contact the supplier to describe the scope of work and request a written offer. The Business Contracts Matrix sheds light on the differences between a sales and service contract and an income contract (Business Contract). If you have any questions after checking the provider`s self-service site, please contact us. A list of many goods and services purchased by the university, as well as contact information for the buyer in campus purchases, who can help you with each of them. .