Vehicle Delivery Agreement

Contracts for the sale of motor vehicles by authorised dealers (with the exception of sales to other distributors or auctions) are governed by the Car Dealers Act. 17.2. If the dealer has checked the used vehicle in question before confirming and accepting this order, the used vehicle must be delivered in the same condition at the time of the test (unless properly used). 17.4. Without prejudice to Article 17.3. Above, such a used vehicle must be delivered to the dealer within fourteen days of the customer`s notification that the goods to be delivered by the dealer are available for delivery. Another incentive for the buyer to buy vehicles is an offer of high interest rates on financing. Make sure this offer is included in the contract. If the agreed amount is not mentioned in the contract or if the amount is not in accordance with what has been agreed, question it and have it modified before the contract is signed. 6.2.

If the date of delivery of the goods is not known at the time of sale, each date indicated is only an estimate and depends on the delivery of the goods to the distributor by the supplier/ manufacturer. The merchant will do its best to ensure the delivery of the goods until the scheduled delivery date (if any), but does not guarantee the delivery time. The dealer is not required to fulfill orders in the order in which they are placed. 6.3. If the merchant does not supply the goods within 21 days from the date of delivery provided for in this contract, the customer may request delivery of the goods within 14 days of receipt of such notification. If the goods are not delivered to the customer within 14 days, the contract is cancelled. 5.2 The risk in the vehicle and the responsibility for vehicle identification are transferred from the dealer to the buyer when the vehicle is handed over by the dealer to the buyer, unless the buyer and the dealer agree to another agreement and accept it as a special condition in this contract. This applies regardless of whether the delivery is made at the distributor`s site or elsewhere. 17.3. That such a used vehicle is delivered to the dealer at or before the delivery of the goods to be delivered and that ownership of the used vehicle is subsequently transferred entirely to the dealer.. .

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