Wiley Copyright Transfer Agreement For Journal Articles

Copyright belongs to a third party: If the content has already been published and a third party is the copyright owner or exclusive owner of the rights to such material, you must obtain and obtain permission to reuse and grant the material in accordance with the permission. This applies regardless of whether you wrote the material yourself or whether it was written by a third party. In principle, no permission is required for short and insignificant text excerpts or references to other works, provided that they are correctly attributed. In any case, you should be aware that double publication may constitute a violation and/or a violation of ethics, unless it is clearly stated that the material has already been published. For open access articles, you sign an open access agreement with a Creative Commons license that allows you to retain copyright. These agreements replace previous versions. Authors who signed contract forms before January 1, 2014 may continue to archive their articles as described in Wiley`s self-archiving policy. Fair use or fair dealing (depending on the country whose laws apply) allows the use of a copyrighted work for the purpose of criticism or revision. .